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Welcome to Wood We Make. All our products are handcrafted and individual; this means that no two items are the same. We take our inspiration from old and new, looking at market trends and identifying a niche that has not been met and where opportunity and a wonderful find allows. All our items are hand finished with care and attention. We treat our recycled discoveries with respect to their original structure and sometimes purpose, allowing our creativity to give new life to items that have served us well in the past.


Wood We Make specialises in handmade garden and house planters. After researching the availability of wooden planters in the market place, we discovered that design and colour choice was restrictive. We have created planters that will suit any garden, large or small, patio, terrace, conservatory, kitchen, bathroom, office space or commercial venues, the locations are endless. We even have a range of small planters for enhancing the place of rest of a loved one which have been embellished with a guardian angel and semi precious stone of remembrance and protection.

Our planters both natural and colour enhanced have used the natural grain and texture of the wood this appears like a stroke of natures paintbrush when we have treated each individual piece of wood. Therefore every items is unique in design and colour. Our planters can be made in almost any shape or size to suit an area of your garden or home


We are at present establishing sites that we will be selling and promoting our products. For inquiries about any of our items or designs that you wish to discuss with us please email or telephone. We are operating at present  in Norfolk and Reigate 


A collection of unique and bespoke items for your home and garden 



Handmade unique furniture for your home and garden. 

This and That


A selection of items that have been inspired by people, places, imagination, opportunity and demand

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